the Great Pretender
These are the things that I wanted to say but I never did because I never had the chance. The chance to express myself. The chance that could make me feel better now.

Past is past ~

Smile nalang: )

Not all mistakes need a second chance. Sometimes, once is enough to learn that life has no rewind.

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The Tiny Project : design plans in PDF and SketchUp available | photo book with almost 200 pictures for under 10 USD and other new items.

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True love is the place where you can be who you are, with all your flaws, without masks or fear.

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Putting things back on how they used to be. —He said he wants his life back. (And I’m like, me too kuya. I want to go back to my old life.)
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Mahalaga ka


hindi nga lang para sa kanya.

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Never chase anyone. A person who appreciates you will walk with you.

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true this. good night

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If I could choose between loving you and Breathing, I would use my last breathe to say I LOVE YOU.

Good Morning Friends! : )

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My very own Ticket to FREEDOM! : )
No more Bullshit, Stupid and Bitch!

My very own Ticket to FREEDOM! : )
No more Bullshit, Stupid and Bitch!

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I never thought that you would end up meaning this much to me.

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Kung ayaw mo ng gulo, huwag mong ubusin ang pasensya ko. DANIELA:
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