the Great Pretender

These are the things that I wanted to say but I never did.

Smile nalang: )

I loved you even after you turned into a memory.

M.O.W, A ten word story (via imwritingpoems)

Lie to me.
Tell me you want me again.

—desperate midnight pleas (via inkonapagepoetry)

Make sure they want it, before giving someone your everything.

—ten-word-story, #71 (via acupofkeen)

Sometimes I miss you and other times I miss myself.

—a ten word story (via wingsoferos)

Some days, I totally hate you for walking away and other days I completely understand.

—But either way, I always miss you. (via darthcaitlinnnn)

One day, you will see what you did to me

—ten-word poem #10 (via itsgoodtoseaya)

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